While we were in the Izmir region, we visited a small Greek village called Sirince. This town is the definition of quant. Only about 600 people lived in this village. The houses were all white cement/stucco construction with orange roofs that reminded me of terra cotta pots. The streets were made of stone that was nowhere near uniform. A person must always watch their step while walking on the streets of Sirince. Not only is it easy to trip on the streets, but one must always be vigilant of the steep inclines and declines of the streets as well. Since this city is tucked away in the hills, the streets follow the course of the slope. Along some of the streets were a few vendors selling local made goods and the usual tourist trinkets. This region of Turkey is famous for their fruit wines. People are welcome to sit down for a taste test of the local flavors. We sampled a large fleet of little wine servings. Some of the flavors included strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, peach, apple, blackberry, and a few others. It was an interesting taste but a fun experience. Also, as with all the other Turkish cities, Sirince had plenty of stray dogs and cats to keep a person company.

This small Greek city is also a popular get away location for many famous people. After walking around the city, I can see why. Sirince gives you the feeling that you are a thousand miles away from regular life and all the problems it brings. There is no shore with crashing waves. It just has a certain kind of silence that brings peace to the mind. Modern life is long gone for the time being. There are little bed and breakfasts scattered in the town. We were fortunate enough to be able to peak inside one. My first thought was, this would be an awesome location to spend a honeymoon. If I every get the chance, I would love to go back to this town and just spend a few days there to relax.




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