Our second town we visited was called Kudasai. It is located on the Southwest corner of Turkey about an hour out of the city of Izmir. This town was quite the change from Istanbul. It is a small coastal city that is very touristic. Many cruise ships will port here for a while. Luckily for us, tourist season hadn’t quite started yet, so the town was rather quite. Our tour guide for this portion of the trip lived in this city. We ran into her each night as we were searching for supper on our own. Kudasai had its own kind of beauty. This town is located right on the Aegean Sea. In fact, that was the view I woke up to each morning in my hotel room. Also, every night we stayed there, we had the pleasure of viewing a gorgeous sunset over the sea. The whole town was built on a hillside. So, in order to walk to the coast from our hotel room, we had to walk up and down one giant slope. The housing consisted mostly of three or four story apartment style buildings. There were not many single-family homes. All the buildings were concrete with an orange roof. Of all the cities we visited, Kudasai had the least stray cats.


The food we had in Kudasai was delicious. Surprisingly, I didn’t see as many seafood restaurants here as I did in Istanbul. Anyway, my favorite dish here was called a pida. It is a Turkish pizza, more or less, made for one. This dish consists of flat, oblong bread topped with meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauce. It was so delicious that I had it two nights in a row! The storeowner at this restaurant was very friendly. I could tell he loved his job. He really went above and beyond to make sure his customers had a pleasant experience while dining. Most people I encountered in Turkey were friendly, but this particular man was the most positive interaction I had with Turkish storeowners. 



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